Monday, November 10, 2014

When you work for a school district August is always a little predictably unpredictable. As I enter my 9th year here, I just know to prepare for craziness, and this year was nothing less. In July we had been told by our builder that we might be able to start pouring our concrete the first week of August. If you have ever tackled a building project, you know that each phase is contingent on another part of the project. On August 1st, I went to our county building permit office to submit our application, and we hit a bit of a road block. Before we could be given our permit, we needed to speak to the sanitation department about our septic. We then discovered we should have talked to this department months earlier when we started our earth moving. After a week or so, we came to a consensuses, and we were given our building permit. But, by now, all of our contractors had moved on to other jobs, and we still had an issue of to much rain. So again, we waited, and worked on what we could.

Near the end of August, we started getting a glimpse of our home. Our final hole for our basement was dug, and we felt like we were finally getting somewhere. 

                            One day Dan called with excitement. "Our basement walls are in!!"
Front of house. Garage to the right. 

Dan's dream garage, measures just 3 to 4 feet smaller than the house footprint. 

                              Walk out basement                              taking shape

Back yard

At the end of August, we signed a contract with the builder that gave us a Dec. 1 date of completion. 

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