Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Daughter is Amish?

So one of the funniest stories we have through this build happened over the course of the past month.
One day Dan called me from work after he'd gotten to the home site. The Amish had had another day of busy building, and Dan was observing everything they'd done. Dan called to tell me he had discovered they had wrote scripture verses above our doors, and how cool he thought that was, and so did I. I actually thought about adding my own scriptures around the place before it was covered. I took a picture of the scripture and thought that I might be able to do something creative with it after the house was done, to honor such great men that would do something so honorable as to leave us scripture to somewhat bless our home.

Dan and I thought it was so cool, we pointed it out to several people who visited, including our general contractor, who had never noticed this before on a house that had been built by this particular crew. There are probably a lot of you out there we showed this to. 
Well, funny story, a week ago we were doing some stone work to the chimney. Grant had been down to help all day, and then our daughter came down to help later that evening. She and I were going though some rooms talking about what we needed to do where, when she asks me about the scripture she wrote on the doors. I walked over to my front door, and thought maybe she had added to what the Amish had wrote, but there was nothing else. I then asked her, "You wrote this?" pointing to the header of my front door. "Yah, she said weeks ago." 

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