Wednesday, November 12, 2014

End of September-October- Moving on up........

For those of you how might have missed it, Dan and I are building a barn style home. We looked at many companies that produce barn homes, and most of them have only a cedar option. The cedar barn home's are gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but they are a substantial amount of work, and expensive to maintain. So we decided to go local, design our own plan, and do metal siding. Years ago, Dan had drawn out a home plan that we wanted to build into a log home. The plan incorporated my input, wants and needs, and his. When we started to plan this home, we pulled those plans out and decided that was still really our dream plan, and that it could be easily changed to a barn home. And so this plan, is ours. 

In my last post I ended with the materials for our home being dropped. The next day our Amish framers began. Within the first couple of days they had the outside of our home framed and we could start seeing it take shape, walking into the rooms that we would soon dwell in.  

Jake walking towards the home for a first look. 

Back of the home looking at the walk out basement

Front of the home, Main level master on left, and laundry room on right

We decided to move the 5th wheel down to our place, so that we could be onsite to do what needed to be done, and watch over what was taking place.
Each day was kind of like Christmas to come home and see what they had done. 

Dan's garage/shop

The side our front door will be on. 

In the garage, looking into the house framing

Picture taken from where the kitchen will be looking into Great room and french door 
View out our french door
Picture taken from dining room looking into living room space 

Stairs to the basement

Basement walkout

View out walkout

View of back

Garage tresses

Daylight view out walkout

Framing in basement

Upper level trusses going in 

View out my french door

View out my front door

Finally starting to look like a barn

Great room fireplace

Loft bedroom

View out our loft bedroom window

Taken from the small windows in our loft bedroom at the front of home

Loft stairs 

Preparing to put the tar paper, wire mesh and scratch coat on the chimney

Duane worked up a sweat that day. Busy day supervising, coffee cup in hand.  
Grant and Dan

Harnessed in

Did someone say food? 

Next day was scratch coat

Jake and Grant (Will work to hunt) 

Dan loves playing with big machines

These were taken Halloween night. I came home to find the Amish back and they were building our deck and porch. As you can see, October was a busy, busy month. But as busy as October was, November has been busier. Those pictures soon to come. 

I was in love with my house before, but now that I look at it with its finished covered porch, it makes the home. So glad we went with this.

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