Tuesday, November 11, 2014

September Ups and downs

After the walls were poured we had to wait for the plumber to come in and set some things that would need to be set into the concrete. Bathroom plumbing, and sump pump and floor drain in both the mechanical room and in the garage. Again, contingent on something happening. So a couple weeks into September and we were told that we were told that they would be pouring our floors. There were also predicting rain, and a lot of it. The day they poured Dan and I took off as soon as I got home from work. The clouds were moving in, and I watched storms forming on the radar on my phone nervously. As we got closer to Pleasantville the radar indicated that the storms were surrounding about every direction but right over Pleasanville and my home site. When we pulled into our place, our basement had been poured and was finished, and they had poured the garage and were running their finishing tools on it. We started to feel an occasionally sprinkle, which picked up to a very light rain. I snapped a few quick pictures, and the owner of the concrete business pulled in with tarps. Dan helped them tarp the garage floor till it stopped raining. But our floor was in, and the building could begin.......... 

Basement floor poured


Our builder had asked us to bring a load of rock in so that contractors would not be walking thorugh mud and into the house, so we made arrangements the next day to have a load delivered. That night and into tomorrow, we got 7 inches of rain down our way. So much so that when Dan went to check on things the creek that runs to the south of our house had flooded the road completely and Dan could not get through directly, but had to come in from the south. If we had waited one more day on this, we would have been delayed for a couple/few weeks. 

One of my many landscaping projects and helper

Occasionally we got our for some fun! But we were really shopping for landscaping items at Lowes next door. 

So we thought we were a go to start building. Much to our surprise and Dan's patience building, nope. Our framers had been sent on to another project, and we were again waiting. Dan's patience were growing very thin, and actually mine were starting to wear down as well. At this point we had been in a 5th wheel camper over 3 months, a nice camper, but tight space, and our life had been on hold for months. Nearly every decision we had made for the prior 18 months had included this. Cold weather would be setting in, and Dan was starting to feel the deer pulling him into his tree stand. Dan had dreamed all of his life about being able to walk out his back door and into his own woods. And it was starting to look disappointing that it would happen this year as well. Mine you, all this time our 5th week camper had been located in the yard of my gracious mother and father in law. 
One night Dan and I had a very serious talk. We had been told our building materials would be coming in on a Wednesday, but we were a bit hesitant to get our hopes up. So, we made a decision to leave this to the Lord. We had both prayed much over this, so with peace I said to Dan. " How about this. if we are to build this winter, than our building materials will come this week. If  they do not come in this week, we will accept that God wants us to give up on this for the year, and allow our focus onto other places for the rest of the year, and we will look for a short term place to rent. It was a long couple of days. 
Our builder sent Dan a text telling him that our delivery had just left the warehouse and was on it's way to us. My in-laws were coming home from their place in MO and stopped by just in time to see the delivery guy drop our load of building materials. 
And so, it was said.....Build


  1. The picture with the curlers on her head, looks just like Janet. Is that your daughter?

  2. Yes, it is my daughter. She resembles Mom a bit, but I think that Curt and Paula's daughter Ashley looks the most like mom.