Monday, January 26, 2015

Home sweet Barn! 

It's been a while since I posted, and I am sorry. We have been so busy, I have barely had enough time to catch my breath. My last post was a little over a month ago. I was whining because we were seeing little progress on our home. Then as I ended, so many things were falling into place. I was finally able to clean the weekend of Dec. 12-14th. Every wall and ceiling had to be swept down and then the floors. I had to start in the loft bedroom and work my way down to the basement. 

On Wednesday, December 17 Jennifer came down and we started the process of priming the walls for paint. In preparation for Dan to tile the bathroom. We needed to prepare the basement for us to live in just in case the weather turned bad. The basement bathroom is "Dan's" bathroom. I'm not sure if you can see the shower in this clearly but it is the size of tub, only it is a step in shower with a large seat. Dan was so excited when he saw this for the first time, he promised his first shower in this thing he would sing and empty the water heater. So Dan completed his tile work, as I continued to prime and paint walls. And paint and paint and paint. Then a couple days before Christmas we were told we would need to get the bathroom ready for plumbing. So on Christmas eve I spent my holiday at Menards. Where we spent hours, as if we had not looked at ever square inch prior to this. It's different when it's for good.

I also came home to garage doors being installed. And our builder got our porch and deck railing on.

Dan, Duane and Grant were able to get the rest of the fireplace and chimney completed. And then our doors were delivered, and hung.

Deck railing

Finished bathroom

We were not exactly happy to see that the Friday after Christmas our plumber had not yet showed up. We were expecting a fairly bad cold spell, Dan and I were both getting sick, and we were tired of taking our camper showers/baths. We were mainly tired of the constant filling of the tank and be careful that lines did not freeze as we were filling. But what do you do. We talked to the builder and told him that we need this to happen quickly, and that it was only a matter of time before we could no longer stay in the camper due to temperature, and that we'd actually been quite lucky so far.

About a week or so after we got our bathroom we heard that our luck with the camper had run out. We were going to get some severe cold that the camper furnace and little heater would not be able to keep up with. So one tiring weekend we moved nearly everything from the camper inside our very unfinished house, and set up camp there. We were in our camper EXACTLY 7 months to the date.
 Our interior doors are beautiful. We did not want a dark stain, but we wanted to add a bit of depth to the wood. Dan has worked diligently nearly every night staining the wood doors and windows in the basement, so that we could get our trim and our carpet.
Finished door

Our cat Stache, well Stache does not handle change well. Each time we move him we have to provide him a confined space where he can find everything he needs, but just let him hide. We usually make him a bed of fuzzy blankets he loves to make him comfortable. It has not taken him long to make himself at home. For whatever reason he thoroughly enjoys the loft and looking down on us.  

Dan's mancave room, which actually goes by another name, but because I respect him and his desire to not have his life added to the public, I am not sure how many more pictures I will get to add here. I am in the middle of painting the cabinets right now, hoping to finish priming tonight. 

In the mean time, here is my make shift kitchen for now. Isn't it lovely!! Think of me while you are cooking your dinner tonight. But it is warm, and I don't have to use a hose to fill a tank to do dishes. I just have to take a dishpan to the basement bathroom sink. 

           More to come- Busy, busy, busy!!