Monday, September 8, 2014

Wedding preparations

The forest I borrowed from work.
Yes, this is me, in my car, on one of my many trips I made with my self made botanical garden's. What this picture doesn't show is how fogged up the windows were when I finally got every thing loaded. Gesshhhh! what we do for our children. So this was Thursday, and the Wedding is Saturday. We are mostly calm. I had managed to tackle most of my immediate needs at work, and could leave the office for a few days. Jen was able to do the same. Grant who had started his job with Barker Lamar just a couple weeks prior was not able to take off any time prior to the wedding. Dan wasn't able to either. Little brother Jake had also started a new job just a couple of weeks before, and was out of town until Friday. So, it was up to Jen and I and a small little army to get it done.
Dan's dad had been working on a fence that would go behind the head table. While Steve and Jen worked to put that up, I started working on placing things. Our wedding coordinator, Denise worked where ever and slowly it started to take shape. For the tables, Dan's mom had made several table squares in pastels. A water fountain and some white wrought iron furniture made for a cozy little spot to take a picture. I wish I had take a few pictures of this while I worked on it, but I was too busy doing and not taking. Barb Tuttle Jen's wedding hostess stopped in and helped us hang some lanterns over another photo op spot.
On Friday we had invited the bridesmaids and some creative family to come in and put some finishing touches on the place. Dan's aunt Joy, flower arranger extraordinaire, did an amazing job putting together flower arrangements, but, the flowers all from Hy-vee in Altoona, were amazing. If you need to put together flowers for something, my advice, seek out Dotty at Altoona Hy-vee.