Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 11-26

So November has been cold. We were able to sneak a few days in above freezing during the day, and rarely at night. About a week ago they finished putting the siding up on the outside. We are now waiting for garage doors, three windows in the basement that came in wrong. (We've been waiting for about 3 weeks on those) septic, and drywall. When I left home this day before Thanksgiving this morning our drywall crew had showed up finally. Dan has been working for the past few days to install our fireplace, and we got more snow. We are both getting just a little weary of delays. 

 The morning after they completed the front of our house, the sun was just coming up and I snapped this picture. I then grew just a little concerned at how bright the red was. You will see by the pictures below that it's not quite as bright, and I love it. the end is in sight of camper living, but a few very big steps need to happen, so continued prayers are requested.

 For these shots of the house, I actually walked around the entire house to capture several different views.

The fireplace looks so small in this space, but it is a beast of a fireplace. Can't wait to get a fire started, and come home to the smell of a wood burning fire. 

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