Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Times are a changing

Fall is one our our favorite seasons. I love the colors, and the cool air, the fall baking and cooking and of course decorating. I decorated my dining room as I have every other year, but with one difference this time. This would be the last time I would be decorating this dining room. Our thought was that this time next year, this dining room would be Jennifer's to decorate. I took one or two last pictures of the dining room and then packed all my things away one last time so they would be prepared to move when we were ready.

I will miss this window/blank slate. 

I have used plain orange lights on the steps of our house for the past several years. I intertwine the lights with pumpkins, plants and fall mums. It's pretty simple, but I loved the way it looked. 

I forgot to take a picture of it all decorated up for winter. I usually do very little "Christmas" decorating. I put my tree up and a few Christmasie things, but for the most part I decorate with snowmen and snowflakes and winter scenes and I don't take it down until the end of February. I told Jennifer that when I took my winter stuff down I would just let her decorate the dining room with her items, as I was packing most of my things away. So she used what she wanted to of mine and I packed everything else away for the move. When this actually happened Dan came into seeing a giant P (Palmer, as in Grant's last name) A giant Palmer sign and several pictures of Jen and Grant plastered all over the dining room walls. Dan was very taken back with seeing "my" dining room that way. As I explained that I was packing things away he did not seem to understand that we were going to have to start letting go of this little home, this little town, and our life we had built there. Funny, he has complained no stop for 25 years about life in town, and this house, and now that it was going to be gone, he started realizing everything that had happened within these 4 walls was our life. Good and bad they make up your life. 


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