Monday, July 14, 2014

Decisions, Decisions

Dan and I have talked for years about building a log home. This was more Dan's dream than mine, but I would love about any home that was mine, and that I had a hand in building. Years ago when we we had started looking into building a log home and had even contacted some log home companies and had even drawn up our plans. So when we started talking about building down here we immediately started talking about a log home again. Then we started talking about cost, and started hearing more and more about the amount of maintenance required. We spoke to a former Realtor and he confirmed the amount of maintenance was over whelming. We really started to ask our selves if we wanted to spend the rest our lives maintaining the exterior of this home for the rest of our lives, and the answer was no. We started looking other directions, and started looking into Morton type buildings. Done right, they were absolutely fine and would not have the maintenance. It was about this time that Dan and I saw some of my pins on Pintrest, and noticed several of the barn homes I had pinned. I made the comment that if I had to pick between a log home and a barn, the barn would win hands down. He seemed surprised by this, but I reminded him that the log home was always his dream. We started looking into some barn home websites and Dan started really gravitating toward the barn home. We ran into some friends of ours who had recently put up a cedar sided home, and they talked about the maintenance that was required for their home, and Dan was pretty much settled by then, log home and or cedar sided home was out, and metal siding was in. As we started talking to builders, we also checked with the real estate agent that had helped us, and she recommend a young builder who had experience with both pole barn framed homes and stick framed homes. We met with him in December and discussed with him what we wanted to do, and showed him our preliminary plans we had. We felt like this is the way God was directing us, and had a good amount of peace. So we were building a barn home.In January we went down and mapped out the home site. Here are some pictures from January


I can't tell you how happy Dan was to see the amount of turkey tracks we found.

Home will sit somewhere right to the right. 

Most days I can't get Dan to leave this place.
Deer Trail 1 of a few

We've talked about putting a pond in here someday
Turkey tracks by the road

and yes, more turkey tracks

Walking down to the campsite

Campsite. You can see the campsite much better in pictures during the winter. This is now all canopied in trees.

Looking over the creek. I have taken this shot many other times with the sun shining through

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