Friday, July 18, 2014

Moving on

After the holidays my life pretty much consisted of three things.
1. Preparing to move, and building
2. Jennifer's wedding
3. Work

We had been in contact with our builder from time to time, but we became much more diligent about things. Dan's plan was to use reclaimed barn wood for our great room, so that it appeared like the inside of an actual old barn. While he was looking for barn wood he ran across Iowa Barn Savers. IBS was started by a gentleman in northern Iowa who searches out sound barns. He photographs the barns, numbers every piece and then blueprints them to be put back together. We contemplated this for a long while, purchasing an old barn, and just using that for a home. We started talking to builders and architects and engineers about using an old barn. And although it was totally doable, not in our time frame and probably not in our budget. So we moved on. Dan's co-worker Andy does dirt work on the side, and we hired him to help us start taking down trees for the home site. Although taking down trees broke our hearts in some ways. It had to be done.
Jennifer's wedding- Fortunately we had pretty much everything set for the wedding. And although she did change caterers on me just a couple of months before the wedding, the big stuff was done aside from suits for the guys, and dresses for the flower girls. Jen had asked her grandpa to build her a fence to go behind the back drop and her grandma to make some squares of different pastel colors and patterns. Jen wanted her wedding to 1 Feel like you were in a backyard, and 2 Look like she had gone into any of her grandmothers/great grandmothers kitchens and grabbed everything from the cabinets and threw it on the tables. More organized of course. We researched flowers and flower arrangements from Google to Pintrest.
For work- Well, I was gearing up for what is one of my biggest projects of the year. A summer school project for student with education accommodations known as Extended School Year or ESY. This project requires me to build a small program for students and staff it. To accomplish this, I have to communicate with just about every department through out the district and several staff members so that we can meet the needs of students. Thankfully- the putting together of this is now behind me, and I can move on.



Removal of thorns from a thorn tree


Lots of brush 

Pulling out old fence posts 


Waiting on Dad-trying to look cool 



4 wheeler selfie

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