Monday, July 28, 2014

Making room for the future

April and May were so completely crazy for us. We were all running a million different directions. Jake turned 21 at the end of April, and also moved out of our home and in with a couple of friends at the same time. He was nearing the end of three years of school, and looking for his adult job. Jen working full time, at a difficult time in her clinic, and was consumed with her wedding, Grant was interviewing his jobs, Dan was consumed with clearing the land for our home, and well, I was in the center of it all, and trying to do my full time job at the same time.
Dan's co-worker brought a bulldozer down, and any time that Jake and Grant had they went down to help Dan.
I wish I had some more pictures of clearing the land, but I got voted to help with the wedding.

Flowers for Jen's wedding

Looking for items for our new home

Clearing our home site

Jen taking a break to check her phone. 

Hay Hook Dan has plans for 

Trolley Dan pulled out of his parents barn

Me at work working on cataloging a number of different equipment.
I am still not done with this.

Wedding dress fittings

                           Grant modeling his suit for the wedding.

Perhaps I will wear my boots

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