Tuesday, July 1, 2014

In his time

We decided to put a offer on the place. We had not been working with a realtor, so we contacted a former classmate of his who was a local agent. We put in an a low ball offer and it was countered. When we came back they stood firm. We decided pray about it and wait for a while. In a few weeks we had our real estate agent contact the listing agent and although they no other offers they stood firm on their price. Dan and I moved on with our looking, thinking may be this wasn't the place for us after all. This place still found it's way to each search we made. Two months after our initial offer and while we were out of town, I received an text from our real estate agent. They had dropped the price.  A few days later we countered the offer and also asked them if they would consider selling us all but a couple of sections. We would still be left with a considerable chunk. Although at first they talked about it about doing this for us, they would not separately what we wanted.  We walked again and my husband was done. A few weeks later and more search, this house kept creeping to mind and on every search. We actually found a few new places to look at and started talking about walking through. As I ran through some things about conversations with their agent, something was not adding up on the chunks of land we had made the offer on. I started doing some research and decided to call their auditor about the land. He told me some information and I decided to contact the listing agent and our agent again. The land that was on the sale flyer did not match what was the assessor page. Of course they did not agree, but this did get us talking again. My husband was very surprised that I had done all of this o  my own but I did not want to risk him getting let down again. We decided to make one last offer on the land and make it very clear this was the last and final offer. They came back a couple thousand higher and we accepted the offer.

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