Wednesday, July 9, 2014



So our 3-4 month long trial on if we were going to get this place was at an end. In our contract we had just a couple of conditions that we asked for, one of these conditions was that Dan would have sole hunting rights of the place on October 1. Yes, part of this was because Dan could not wait to be able to hunt and gather on his own place, BUT it was also because other people had been given rights, and we wanted to make sure no one else was on this but us. Dan is extremely cautious about hunting and any kind of weapon use, especially when he has his children involved, so we thought this necessary. So on October 1st Dan took his tried and trued buddy Duanne down to walk through the entire property. We finally were able to close at the end of October, and once we had closed Dan took me down once again on afternoon. Did Dan have a successful hunt on our land this past year? Yes and No. Our new son in law Grant got his first good buck here, and was the only one that took a deer on our place, but Dan was just as please that he was able to do it.
Looking at the field across the creek

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