Thursday, July 3, 2014

Finding home

On the day that we accepted the offer, we had planned to walk through another property that my husband had grown very fond of. The land was not all timber, but he would have the availability to put the open land into production of something. The land was just a bit further west of the land we had been looking at for weeks now. When the offer came back to us, we had to make a decision to postpone the walk through. But I had the feeling that God had brought another property to us almost to see if we would actually get stuck on what we wanted or would we follow him to where he wanted us. We were completely ready to walk away.
Through this dialog I don't believe I have mentioned that the reason this property was on the market at all was because the couple who owned it was going through a pretty nasty divorce. In the divorce decree the couple had to both sign off on allowing it to be sold and accept the offer. So it when to the seller (wife) and then we had to wait days to have the offer accepted by the former husband. But it finally was accepted. We went under contract in early September and took our good friends down to walk through a portion of it and where we would build our home.

My favorite picture of the place yet. Bottom of the campsite. Sun coming through the trees at sunset
Dan and our friend Duanne looking over what we call the campsite
Coal creek or what our family refers to as the gorge

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