Friday, August 14, 2015

Time to catch you up

I apologize, I have had a number of people ask me to update the blog, and I have told most of you, I am so busy and both work and home I barely have time to pee. But as I went through my old blogs, I did not realize how long it had actually been and ALL that has taken place since my last post. 
First of all, things are coming along nicely, and I am going to spend some time updating you on all the progress room by room and floor by floor
The basement is going to be a place to gather for fun. We eventually want a pool table down here, we plan to mount our largest TV down here, and basically want to create a game room for our family, and a nice place to watch a movie, or the deer, or the turkey, or the random bobcat that wanders through the back yard. Dan had at one time talked about putting the stone we are using on the outside  also on the inside. Well, cost prevented that. We were nearly 6 thousand dollars for the outer wall and the fireplace, so plan b. He decided to make a wainscoting of board and battens from pine boards. So each individual board was cut, and then he routered the battens. Once everything was up, we stained the entire wainscot.  Since this was a game room we had been talking about a bar. A place to have a few dishes and fridge and microwave. I am an avid user of Pinterest. I know some of you HATE it, but for me, it stirs my creative juices, and I love it. We planned most of Jennifer's wedding with Pinterest. Anyway, when we Jen and Grant started talking about purchasing our home, and we started looking at land, I created a new book on Pinterest called " Maybe I can dream". This book was filled with ideas about what my forever home might include. I also stumbled upon the website Hozz. This website allows you to look at millions of home and decorating ideas and save them into ideabooks
So back to the bar, it was on these websites that I fell in love with the idea of making a western saloon in my basement. I kind of mentioned it in passing a couple of times and Dan really did not seem to GRASP my vision, till I started showing him some pictures one night. I also started reminding him of several of the items/memories we have that I would love to display. One night he came home, he grabbed a mirror from the bathroom that I have had nearly all my life, and said. "So you want a saloon? I'll give you a saloon. He proceeded to tell me how he was going to do it, drew it up and we went to Menards for lumber. It took a weekend to build and stain but I love how it turned out. 

This is all the trim for the basement that has been set out to stain. Dan milled it all then we stained it, and finished it. We had to set up stations to finish it all over the house.


My saloon bar nearly finished.  Notice the spittoon in the right corner. I will talk about this in my next post. I promise, it won't be so long in between.

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