Thursday, August 20, 2015

Basement and more

This spring I started a landscaping project. My mission was to give color to the inner circle of our circle drive.

Last fall on our 26th Anniversary I purchased this wee little maple tree. Maples are a favorite of Dan and I, I cannot wait to see it's colors here in a few short weeks. We had actually transplanted a young cedar tree not far from where we planted the maple, but he did not survive. we found out later that it is really difficult to transplant cedars. I had named the little cedar Ralph. RIP Ralph. You created a nice bonfire.
Dan is a hunter of many things, and spring time yields morels here in Iowa. These are a few that he picked on a break from working on the house.

CARPET!! in the basement meant we could go back to the storage unit and grab our couch, and give Jen and Grant back their O gravity outdoor recliner chairs.
Our neighbor Jeff, excuse me, former  neighbor Jeff, but still good friend, and Grant could not pass up the chance to sofa surf back to Jen and Grants from the storage facially.

Last shot of Dan's Man Cave room
My laundry room is taking shape- When I painted this room this green, Dan told me it was hideous and did not go with the house. He then told me that when guest came, the door to the mud room and laundry would remain closed. One of those decorating fights he lost.  As we started to add the white cabinets, his opinion softened. The white cabinets really look sharp against that green. Yep! Could have told you that. Actually did tell you that.
When Jake saw this green he started singing John Deere Green. I think he still does from time to time.
The Stone Shop installed our granite counter tops. I cannot say enough about the work they do. Their staff are knowledgeable and friendly, and they really did a great job.
Kitchen is starting to take some shape

Doors added to cabinets in the laundry room

We have the most awesome views of wildlife from our basement family room. In the picture below you will notice our cat looking out the window. This is his typical view, and his typical chair.

Most people who have seen our doors in person comment on the doors. They are beautiful, and something we both agreed on when we saw them. But when we started looking for trim, the only trim in pine is clear pine, without the knots. This was disappointing, but remember I am married to a wood worker, so yes, Dan has milled all of our trim by hand, stained it, finished it and installed it. There is such amazing detail to this wood.

The base

My mom brought me some whiskey bottle from Arakansa

Jake found this whiskey bottle some where on our place.

The mirror that was Dan's inspiration. This mirror, given to me by my mom was what I used to sit in front of when I was a teenager. This is where I learned how to curl my hair, and how to put on make up. 

The antique spitoon. Dan and I saw this advertised at an auction just a few miles from us. It was a huge auction and there were many bidders, but this copper piece was meant for me!! 

 more pictures of my whiskey bottles. 

 The front of our saloon bar. Love the knots. 

 up the stairs board and batten

Inside family joke

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