Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Big Day

Things in the past few weeks have been just a little crazy with work so I have been someone neglectful of this blog. I will attempt in the next few days to bring everyone up to speed.

An hour before the wedding rehearsal Jen and Grant were signing their closing papers for our house. They had had a few glitches in the process, and it took them a little longer than they had wanted. But everything went off without a hitch. I found out later that evening that my grandfather had slipped and fallen while we were at the rehearsal, and fractured his hip.
The next morning, we arrived at Talking Heads Salon.  The days events were going to be shared with a very special family, The Cummins. We met the Cummins years before with their three young daughters. Heather, Holly and Tiffany. Dan and Duanne had began hunting together a little bit, and then after the death of Dan's best friend and life long hunting partner, Andy; Duanne helped Dan get back to the field. Holly became a hair stylist, and did all of Jen's hair and make up, and Tiffany a photographer who took the wedding pictures. Heather became a nurse, but thankfully we did not need the nurse. I cannot imagine life without this family in our lives.We could also not have put this wedding together without the help of our dear wedding coordinator Denise Heilman Beirdon. We were so fortunate to have this lady as part of our wedding. God used her in many ways and she was such a blessing. Chuck as well, put so much into these two lives becoming one and in the future. Here are just a few pictures I took on this day. 

Holly's work from Talking Heads Salon in Grimes
Flower Girls/Cousins/Neices
Dotty at Hy-Vee in Altoona is the BEST!!


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