Thursday, October 16, 2014

June A Camper's life for Me.

We have had a number of people ask why we just didn't stay in our house and live with Jen and Grant while we were waiting for our house to be built, or why we did not rent a place, and why we chose to stay in our camper. Well, we did not stay with Jen and Grant, because we felt they needed to start making the home we had lived in theirs, and if we would have stayed, that just would not have been the case. Plus they were newly married, and there are enough problems with newly married coming together and this would have just added to the issues. We chose to stay in our camper, because we eventually wanted to move the camper down to our building site so that we could be there to work on what we needed to when we needed or wanted. My in-laws welcomed us to their yard. "temporarily". We thought temporarily meant a few weeks. A month or so at the most. WRONG.

Site where the house will go, starts to take shape
Most of Dan's time is spent trying to prepare the site for the home. With nothing else going on, this is about the only thing we could do, besides pray. Here is is preparing the drive to put drive fabric and rock on it. 

On occasion though we had great bonfires with friends and family 

On Rainy Saturday's we started shopping for finishes.

 We transplanted a little cedar tree that would have needed to be destroyed to a section we are going to landscape in front of the house. I named it Ralph. Ralph got a little brown, I'm not sure that he liked his new home, and if he will survive.

 So this year will be remembered for the abundance of rain. If you have ever built a home, it is not uncommon for it to be a bit muddy, but this year, it is known as crazy muddy. We could not even get into the property several times because the drive was dirt, and because of the rain, mud. We finally caught a dry spell, and were able to arrange to get a couple of loads of rock, but they could not deliver if it was muddy, as the trucks would tear the drive up. The day we ordered the rock, was not supposed to be rainy. BUT, it was, in Des Moines and the surrounding area north. But just south of us, it stayed dry all day. We had schedule the rock for 3:30. Dry in Pleasantville, although storm clouds were edging closer. We got the fabric all pulled out, and waited, and waited. 3:45 and we waited. Sprinkle, sprinkle, 4:00 sprinkle, sprinkle, light rain. 4:10 light rain, still waiting for the rock that was supposed to be here at 3:30 and at 4:15 in steady rain, it came.

Dan does not wait patiently or quietly

By the time the rock came the drive was pretty soaked, so the delivery guys pretty much had to drop the rock at the end of the drive for Dan. Dan then spent the next two hours on the tractor in the rain, moving the rock onto the drive.

Dan was completely soaked, and it wasn't exactly a warm day when we did this. But, you do what you have to do. And at least now, we could what we could get in if it was wet. Which was necessary, as it was wet, a lot, this summer.........

Finished entrance

More looking at fixtures. Dan just wants a stove big enough he can cook hunters breakfast on
     So this is our kitty Stache. When we first moved into the camper Stache had some problems adjusting. He found a place in the camper by our bed that was literally about 4 inches wide by 8 inches long and he would hide. If we came to the bed and talked to him and petted him, he would come out and see us and snuggle, but then go right back to the hiding spot. Little by little he adjusted, and here you see him, fully adjusted to camper life. He has another hiding spot under the couch. Dan was laying on our couch one day, and Stache popped his head up from behind the couch. It is the funnest thing to watch him getting this hiding spot. He basically goes head first into a hole and all you see is these feet in the air. He has put on a little weight int he camper. The kids think it war stress eating, we just think it is lack or exercise.

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