Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Steel for the ceiling (God answers prayers part 1)

Not long before we left for California we had a heart to heart with our electrician. He needed us to focus on the Greatroom so that he could get his final inspection, and with the wiring that was exposed that might not go so well. Dan was not wanting to hear that, because he likes to do things in his own timeline. (That is always fun to live with when you build a home. NOT) So we started looking for the things we needed for our greatroom. First the ceiling. We need corrugated metal. So while we were gone, Dan and Grant found what we needed on Craigslist, and called the guy. Now fast forward to when we get home, and Sunday the guy brings the metal to us, and we find out he is closely related to one of our neighbors. This was one of those God things, because we had been looking for this stuff a year ago, and it was all over Craigslist, but this year, not much out there. Then the guy lives not far from us, and brings it right to us. It was exactly what Dan was wanting, and in the end, we had just enough, with a little left over for a few projects.  

So the next weekend, my driveway looked like a parking lot. We had Jake, Grant, Duanne, and Dan down working on the ceiling, and we had the electrician and several of his guys down working on electric. 

My electrician working on pendant lights

Next time, we will talk about this little beauty

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