Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bathrooms and Plumbing

Pictures of our main level bath have been hard to take. It's not a huge room, but it is also very awkward to try to get a lot of it in. I had originally wanted to use furniture as vanities. I searched and searched, but did not really find just the right thing. I had been watching this one for my main level bathroom. It stays with the mission style cabinets that we used in the kitchen on this level, and more of a traditional feel for this level of our home. Where the basement is much more rustic old west, this will still be rustic, but also classic.  This will not be the bathroom Dan and I will call our master bath for now though. This will serve as guest bath room, for my folks, who live in Branson, but visit frequently, for kids or other family and for friends who want to stay with us for a visit.

This bathroom will hopefully wait for a good long while before we have to call this our permanent master bath. I know many of you have watched your parents and other family have to sell their dream home because the did not have facilities to use on a main level. Our goal with this home, was to build it so that if we needed to be on one level, we could. So, this is my growing old, and decrepit bathroom. But I am excited to have it, and love how it has turned out.

The vanity here though is for my master bath now. This is as Dan calls it "MY"(meaning me) bathroom. This is the room I really wanted to use a piece of furniture in, but just could not find what I wanted. I scoured all the home improvement stores for weeks, then one day last spring this one popped up at Menards. I continued to look, and showed this one to Dan, and he liked it as well, others liked it as well, because the company who builds them was back logged for weeks with orders. One thing we did not know when we purchased it, was that it came already assembled in the box. With the other ones we installed, the granite was separate. This sucker weighs in at almost 300 lbs, and it had to go upstairs. Now Grant and Dan did most of the work with this one, but Jen and I had to help a bunch as well.

It is though absolutely perfect in this room, and I cannot wait to use it.

This though is why Dan refers to this bathroom as mine. Yes, the soaker clawfoot tub. The tub has had several plumbing issues though. And although we have had the tub for several weeks, it is still not complete for use. The issue is with the faucet. The faucet is a floor mount set up. This would not have been an issue years ago when you used hard lines to plumb, but now with flexible tubes, this is an issue. If we don't secure the faucet just right, it is going to get wobbly, and might knock out the tile around it. Dan has finally secured the plumbing, and now the tilers need to come back and finish tiling around the supply lines and the drain.

Mandy trying out the tub
Jen trying out the tub

We also needed to enclose the covered patio ceiling. We had had a nest of baby robins on our porch before we started, but Dan had checked before starting this project and there was no sign of them left, until, we got closer to closing in the porch and we found a new next of robins. Dan told me that if he took them out, they would get eaten by a predator, so he was thinking he would have to kill them himself, but he came up with an idea to help save my little sweeties, So he fashioned a new house for them. 
Here is the house he made for them. 

Here is the enclosed porch. <3


  1. I must say I love your bathroom cabinets first because I am a lover of antique stuff and secondly because you were able to bring that typical touch to the modern theme in your bathroom. Your blog is really informative and I like the way you put out ideas on what to consider when choosing what's for you and what's for your relatives

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  2. I know it’s difficult to pick which route to go down in terms of bathroom designs but I love what you are going with. I am a big fan of the tub that adds some real style to the decor of the room. My wife and I are also in the middle of re-designing and are currently looking for a clawfoot tub.

    Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing

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